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Techpoint Innovation tour is driven by a desire to expose hidden tech talents in new and emerging markets across Nigeria and Africa. Our discoveries in Abuja, Kaduna, Aba, Uyo and Jos in the last two years, sparked up a lot of interest to continue on the exciting journey. This year, we would be visiting Akure, Ife, Ibadan and Abeokuta between November 5th -17th 2018. We would be spending approximately 30 hours of travelling, covering 1,515km of excitement, exhilaration, meet-ups, interviews, discussions, radio tours, vox-pops,street campaign.

We plan to engage all tech lovers and entrepreneurs in these areas and expose them to the global community. We hope to engage like-minded techies,innovators and the true entrepreneurs that are taking on challenges of building their respective communities with the aid of tech. Join us on this journey!


2017 Tour Highlights


Kaduna's First Innovation Hub

Kaduna’s first innovation hub and co-working space, CoLab opened its doors on the 4th October, 2016. The institution aims to provide an enabling environment for entrepreneurs and innovators in the Northern part of Nigeria. CoLab which is located within the Barnawa area of Kaduna has joined the likes of nHub and Ventures Platform in the journey of creating an efficient tech ecosystem in the northern part of Nigeria. We featured them during our tour and had a very interesting meetup there as well.

Engineer from Jos

In Jos during the Techpoint Innovation Tour, we met an engineer and entrepreneur who is innovating around energy efficient equipments. Some of the innovations we were able to see include a Solar Cabinet Dryer, Clean Efficient Institutional Woodstove, and a Smokeless Incinerator among other things. But for an entrepreneur in Jos without any funding, getting a voice is looking like an expensive venture. Techpoint Innovation came knocking his doors.

Skara Brand

During the course of the Techpoint Innovation Tour, we got an invite from Raymond for an exclusive tour of the facility. Unlike most online furniture stores, that serve primarily as aggregators or marketplaces for furniture makers, Skarabrand takes a more holistic approach, as the company  handles 100% of the entire process; from concept to design, through manufacturing and delivery. It was quite a revelation as we never imagined a company of such magnitude could be operating from Abuja.

Aminu Bakori

When the Techpoint Innovation Tours made its Kaduna stop, we met an exceptional young man; a wizkid of sorts. Before meeting him, there was so much positive vibe everywhere his name came up, so we were amazed to meet an unassuming Aminu Bakori at CoLab in Kaduna. Aminu Bakori is a Software Developer, Programmer and CEO of Friendstie Concepts; a technology company that designs and builds custom computer software and online services for individuals and businesses around the world.

TD4PAI, Northern Nigeria’s first technology hardware

During the Northern Nigeria Innovation tour, we discovered the Technology Development for Poverty Alleviation and Initiative (TD4PAI) hub in Kuje, Abuja. This hub focuses on the development of local technology in the upstream (hardware and firmware) ICT sector. Founded by Dr. Agu Collins in 2014, TD4PAI organises workshops geared towards building made in Nigeria products. A one hour drive from Wuse II district in Abuja to Kuje town marked the beginning of our journey to TD4PAI.

Meet the mathematician teaching maths in Igbo and Nigerian pidgin

During the 2017 Techpoint Innovation tour, we discovered Cynthia Onwuchuruba Bryte-Chinule. She has been teaching her students mathematics in Igbo and Nigerian pidgin for a while now. She has been teaching her students mathematics in Igbo and Nigerian pidgin for a while now.

Inside Nigeria’s first pencil and toothpick factory

During the 2017 Techpoint Innovation tour, we took a visit to the first functioning pencil factory in Nigeria. We saw the factory in its entirety and even got some pleasant shockers. Located in a 1,000 sqm warehouse styled house, the factory truly produces pencils and toothpicks.


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